I'm Sebastian Bustos

Sebastian Bustos is a digital artist who combines architecture, fashion, and technology to create immersive experiences with renowned artists, using 3D scanning, AR, VR, and AI to bring their works to life in mesmerizing ways.

About Me

Meet Sebastian Bustos: The Digital Artist Blurring the Lines Between Art and Technology

Hey there, I’m Sebastian Bustos, a digital artist who loves to mix architecture, fashion, and tech to create mind-blowing experiences. With a background in architecture and a passion for industrial design, I’m always pushing the limits of art and technology. I work with some of the coolest artists out there, from sculptors to graffiti artists, and use 3D scanning, AR, VR, and AI to bring our projects to life. Get ready to be blown away as we blur the lines between traditional art and cutting-edge tech!

What Services I'm Providing

Work Experience

Digital artistry and 3d sculpting

Digital artistry and 3D sculpting are the ultimate tools for bringing creative visions to life. With these skills, you can explore endless possibilities, from designing fantastical creatures and worlds to creating stunning visual effects and immersive experiences.

Conceptual visionary thinking

Conceptual visionary thinking is the ability to imagine and create innovative ideas that push boundaries and challenge traditional norms. It involves utilizing creativity and imagination to envision new possibilities and solutions to complex problems.

Artificial intelligence

So, you know how computers can do some pretty impressive stuff, right? Well, Artificial Intelligence Integration is taking that to the next level. It’s all about getting machines to learn and adapt to new information, so they can do even more amazing things. Think robots that can think for themselves, or computer programs that can predict what you’ll want before you even know you want it. Cool, right?

My Portfolio

What My Clients Say

The augmented and virtual reality experiences provided by this company are incredibly immersive and engaging, truly transporting users to another world.

John Doe

With their comprehensive 3D solutions, this company is able to create highly detailed and accurate models that are perfect for a variety of applications.

Jenna Smith

By leveraging AI technology, this company is able to enhance physical artworks, digital imagery, and marketing materials in innovative and exciting ways.

Samuel Stevens